Baby alpaca wool, luxury knit sweaters in white, yellow & grey

Care guide

Trust us on this one! You won’t need to wash your pieces often.
Alpaca wool is like hair. It contains Keratin, a special protein that has antibacterial properties.

How to wash
If your garment smells, try 12-24h of fresh air first. It will refresh the natural oils of the fibre.

Still smelly? Apply manually baby shampoo to problem areas, gently rub and rinse with lukewarm water.
Small stains? Run! Alpaca hair is fantastically water repellent, if you are quick you may just skim it out with a towel. 

After 7-10 wears and tons of soft memories you may want to wash your piece. That’s what you’ll do:

• Turn it inside-out, dunk in lukewarm water and apply manually baby shampoo to armpits and neck. 
• After a gentle massage, let it soak for 30 minutes.
• Rinse with cool water.
• Do not ever twist! Just gently press and let the water run out for some time.
• Leave it to dry flat on a drying rack or a towel

Washing machine? It is not the best when you’r in love with your piece but you don’t need to explain, we understand.

• Turn it inside-out
• Apply manually baby shampoo to armpits and neck.
• Put inside a mesh bag
• Wash in delicate cycle in cold water
• Use the last two steps of the hand washing option to dry it out.

How to store
Stay away from the hangers! Store your pieces flat and folded to prevent misshaping. 
Introducing some lavander small sachets or cedar balls may be a good idea to keep the moths away.

Don’t overthink it. Wear it and Share it.
Your knit will give you joy for years!